My Journey to Becoming a Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kathleen Fry, Ph.D.

My journey began by completing a dual degree (bachelor’s/master’s) in Clinical Psychology. A few years later, I earned a master’s in Business Administration (MBA). For many years I worked in mental health and in business operations in New York City. One of my the most essential stepping-stones in my journey was working as a mobile Crisis Clinician in the community. Working with children, families, and adults led to my interest of wanting to understand the clinical field more in-depth. To do this, I decided to return to school to earn a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Neuropsychology.

While earning my doctorate, I trained in a medical rehabilitation hospital in New York, where I served young adults to geriatric patients with a variety of medical conditions including brain and spinal cord injury, cardio-pulmonary illness, orthopedic injury, and neurodegenerative disease. I completed my first Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) externship at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts in the mental health clinic and in the inpatient psychiatric unit. After my tenure there, I externed at the community clinic at New York University, where I focused on multiculturalism and assessment.

Thereafter, I completed a clinical internship at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center in Ohio in the mental health clinic, residential substance and post-traumatic stress disorder, clinic and primary care. I was selected for a Fellowship in trauma at the Salt Lake City VA in Utah, where I also trained in dialectical behavioral therapy, reintegration, recreation therapy and polytrauma.

In my current position working on an interdisciplinary team as an addiction and trauma psychologist, I developed a highly successful virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This program focuses on supporting Veterans in learning skills to support their recovery, and to build community through the cohesion amongst members and staff in our clinic. I also serve as a researcher on the PTSD team and have created applications to enhance Veteran care through smart devices.

I look forward to working with you,

-Dr. Kathleen Fry